Weekly briefing: How Coast Hotels went from responding to 50% to nearly 100% of guest reviews

with Brigitte Diem-Guy, Nooshi Akhavan, Linda Hagen, Emma McDonald & Dan Reid

I’m excited to share today’s story with you for two reasons:

  1. It’s the sort of in-depth case study I set out to write for you when I started HotelOperations.com - moving past the typical, boring, salesy highlights and getting into all the practical details of how hotel operators actually did an important project that had a big impact on team members, guests, and owners alike

  2. I created this in partnership with the company I spent 7 years with (Shiji ReviewPro), an experience that shaped my perspective on operations being the most important part of a hotel business today

To write today’s case study, I spoke with multiple people across the Coast Hotels organization: from their head of revenue and communication to their brand engagement director to general managers at multiple properties. I really wanted to tell the story from a 360-degree perspective to give you some actionable insight, and I think we did it with this one.

So without further adieu….


With Brigitte Diem-Guy, Head of Revenue Strategies and Communication at Coast Hotels

Jobs to be done: Collect and process guest feedback to improve satisfaction, redesign brand standards, and drive revenue growth

“A happy guest is a repeat guest, but a super happy guest is someone that will talk to their friends, families, and colleagues about your hotel. Customer advocacy leads to faster organic growth, lower customer acquisition cost, and higher customer lifetime value. Ultimately, it leads to long-term sustainable revenue growth for every hotel.”

Brigitte Diem-Guy

How they approached this: Hiring an internal project lead, buying and onboarding Shiji ReviewPro, and driving internal adoption through healthy competition.


  • From sporadic responses to near-total response rate (50% to ~100%)

  • Time savings (~30/minutes a day for GMs)

  • Competitive intelligence (“We can see what guests are saying.”)

  • Increased pricing power (“If you create a better than average guest experience, you can also earn higher rates for doing that.”)

  • Higher staff motivation (“The feedback makes my staff feel good, and it’s been great for engagement.”)

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