Weekly briefing: Hospitality has a 'boring' problem

with Donte Johnson and Jason Bass

“Hospitality has a ‘boring’ problem more than a staffing problem.”

- Jason Bass, Director of Culture, Revival Baltimore

I’m not going to give you yet another article about staffing challenges today. Instead, let’s focus on the problems behind the problem, which include (the wrong) culture and structural ways the hotel industry has operated.

To do this, I want you to hear from Donte Johnson and Jason Bass at Revival Baltimore (a JDV by Hyatt hotel). You can listen to my conversations with them on Hospitality Daily - I replayed them over and over again this week as I was thinking about this - but if you only read one thing this week, I suggest it’s the article they shared below.

with Donte Johnson and Jason Bass

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How the experience Donte had when applying for his first hotel job shaped the way he operates today

  • Ways to define culture

  • How to measure the impact of culture

  • Revisiting dress codes and grooming standards to welcome people to work in hotels

  • The problem with “polish”

  • What Donte and Jason look for when hiring

Quote of the week

Just 12% of respondents want hotels to operate how they did before the pandemic.

Tom Ito, Principal at Gensler (at Mews Unfold last week)

Photo of the week

Last week, Sloan Dean shared his case study with us on rebuilding the culture at Remington Hotels. This week, my LinkedIn feed was full of photos from their Thrive conference which made me smile - including this one of the more than 26 new people inducted into their President’s Club.

How are you using events like these to build your culture? Reply to this email and I’d love to hear from you.

Cayuga Collection President Hans Pfister shared why we need leadership offsites now - and how they planned and hosted their offsite if you’re looking for more inspiration.

Podcast of the week

Dan Ryan interviewed me for Defining Hospitality last summer, and I’ve enjoyed the other guests he’s had on his podcast since then. I encourage you to listen to his latest episode, where Chip Conley shares about being a “Modern Elder” and more.

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